The Marion Dufresne Liner Capypso with outer cap Case 125x75mm White cylindrical tube Liner Kullenberg with outside cap Liner Capypso with outer cap Case 125x75mm
Tubes for
deep water
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Research and Development

A professional expertise to serve your needs.


Specialist of all processes and technical transformation of plastics extrusion and injection MENUINNOVE TECHNOLOGIES is involved in many areas. Plastics used to design complex products and innovative features. From a specification, MENUINNOVE TECHNOLOGIES can respond quickly to the specific demands of tubes, profiles or injection molded parts.

We arrive in a few steps a project figment of your imagination


• Support
• Design
• Eco-design
• Innovation
• Creation of tool
• Adhering
• Production preproduction
• Manufacturing


We support you throughout the process of creating your project in terms of finding solutions, selection of materials to complete your project.


A design which links the pragmatism, the reactivity, the provision of a network of industrial skills and transparency about costs by an overview of projects. We have a design office for Structural calculation for products requiring mechanical validations.

Eco desing

We encourage a balance between ecology and economy.
We design products with a view to reducing environmental impacts, working with recycled and recyclable materials, reduce the transport by integrating optimization packages, increased life, etc.

Recycled materials which we can use retain mechanical the best properties performance. We use PVC ranked in the " upscale " as used in the manufacture of PVC windows and door frames, able to withstand the origin of many ravages. Reinforced by various agents shock, or anti-UV, it still shows as qualitative after recycling.

We also assume our own recycling in our dedicated workshop.


Proactive, we are in constant monitoring of trends. We work on new standards and with customer needs. Thisinnovative idea bring us a lot of techniques, materials and recycled materials.

Tool making

Specialists tools, we study with you your parts to minimize the cost impact on your investment needs. The realization in our workshops of your tools allows us a great response and significant reduction in time.

Technical constraint fulfillment

We perform tests and analysis of results in our laboratory and in real conditions with the specifications approved by our client. A continuous quality control guaranteed traceability and compliance products.


We have 12 extrusion lines, two lines of monofilament extrusion PVC, 6 additional extruders to co-extrusion and to tri-extrusion , supplemented several injection molding machines. Our parc of machine is maintained by our own maintenance and loyal local partners to ensure constant production and quality.